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We are a values-based company with purpose dedicated to helping organizations and leaders at key and transformational times in their journey. We build boards and help Selection Committees attract, assess, select and appoint their new Chief Executive Officers and senior executive team members. We are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses by ensuring the right leadership and expertise are appointed while providing essential due diligence and decision-making support to their Selection Committees. We also support leaders by designing and developing their own next chapter in their own CEO, executive or board career.

Arlington Partners is led by Lisa Heidman, LL.B., ICD.D, together with a group of more than 25 Partners, Arlington Board Advisors and Alliance Partners, each with extensive private sector, non-profit, and public sector experience. The team at Arlington Partners has decades of combined executive search, coaching, leadership development, senior executive and board advisory experience. We have broad business expertise and have held senior executive and board leadership positions within North America’s leading organizations.


We have a collective and rich history of leading and advising global organizations, iconic Canadian companies and entrepreneurial start-ups across sectors, as well as non-profits, academia, healthcare and government entities on how to effectively tackle a wide range of strategic organizational, business, governance and leadership challenges. We help drive transformational company agendas forward and ensure a company’s continued business growth. We also advise and support high profile leaders by designing and developing their own next chapter in their CEO, senior executive and board career.



We are proud champions of diversity of thought around both board and senior executive tables. We are well known for actively supporting the board and career paths of senior executive women leaders in Canada and the United States. When building boards and exceptional executive teams, we are committed to ensuring diversity in all its forms, and to making certain that a robust set of competencies and complementary skill sets, exceptional personal qualities and characteristics are identified. We work to ensure that the right people are appointed to join your board, because they have the required abilities and business experience to drive the growth of your business and they are diversity candidates.

Insights for Corporate Canada



We are a company with purpose that attracts and supports transformational leaders who are able to effectively take a business to its next level of possibility. We excel at developing strategy, conducting rigorous assessment and providing exceptional service with meaningful frameworks for analysis, as well as decision-making support, equally and transparently to both clients and candidates alike.

We believe in inspirational leadership and providing a network that connects and empowers Board, CEO and Senior Executives globally, helping them reach new heights for their businesses and organizations, and to continue to realize their own potential as leaders. We also believe in the power of mentoring at all levels, and in making a mark and a difference by ‘paying it forward’ to others by sharing best practices and learnings within these communities.

The Magazine

We are a company that celebrates success. Success in business, in vision and in leadership. Our Arlington Advisory Board, Leadership Team and Alliance Partners write about business cases which provide insight and, we hope, inspiration for other companies and leaders.

ARLINGTON is an annual magazine distributed globally to our network providing thought leadership and insights into key business, strategy and governance issues. It highlights leaders who are making an inspirational mark and difference in their industry sectors, organizations and communities on both sides of the border and beyond.

Our Team




Our Services


The team at Arlington Partners has personally led some of the most challenging, innovative and complex Board, CEO, Legal and Senior Executive Search assignments in North America. Arlington Partners provides board, functional and sector expertise and insights to our clients and candidates, as we have, and do sit on the other side of the table and have hired these firms ourselves. Collectively, Arlington Partners provides Senior Executive Search services in the following functional and sector areas, among others:


As strategic advisors, Arlington Partners provides a comprehensive range of board advisory and custom consulting services for organizations and individual leaders. Our clients trust us to objectively provide these programs, guidance and coaching support. For boards and organizations these include programs and guidance on organizational development and design, succession planning, governance, diversity and board and senior executive compensation.

Our Talent Management practice is focused on the unique needs of C-Suite leaders and Board Directors. These include group programs on ‘How to Get on Boards’ and customized programs to support their own continued board and career development. We also provide tailored coaching, strategic advisory, assessment, marketing and personal branding services that enhance the effectiveness of board directors and senior leaders. Arlington Partners has built dedicated individual and group programs for the next step in your Board and Senior Executive career. We are particularly interested in transformational leaders who are not remotely done yet, and are interested in developing their next chapter.

We also serve the needs of private clients who choose to proactively manage their board and senior executive careers and strategically explore traditional or alternate career/life options including their next corporate or non profit role, in board service and/or consulting.

One of Arlington’s Talent Management customized services is designed to help seasoned leaders navigate the next chapter of their board and executive career. These programs include: support to identify and provide the map, guidance, psychological assessment and coaching support to undergo this journey; assessing core competencies and career drivers and future possibilities; the writing of board and executive resumes; and the professional branding, marketing and communication strategy for the leader’s professional and board brand.


We're Inspired

We really love and care about what we do and our work in every way truly reflects that.

Who Retains Us

Our work is rich, multi-leveled and layered. Arlington Partners may be retained initially to help a Selection Committee find their new CEO, then work to attract new talent to a senior leadership team that can support that new CEO in executing or developing the company’s new strategic plan, followed by a mandate to build or supplement a board of directors best suited to take the organization to its next level.

We are also retained by these senior executive and board leaders for their own board and career development. They are thinking about their next chapter but are seeking expertise and a process to determine the possibilities as well as the design, branding and marketing of that new vision.

Our clients and candidates alike choose Arlington because of who we are, and how we do what we do. They understand what Arlington Partners provides, and want it for their business, for their board, for their team and for themselves.

Our Value Proposition

Our innovative process and integrated approach to Board and Senior Executive Search and Assessment connects competencies to business strategy, to culture and to the desired board and executive leadership experience and skills our clients require. Providing an effective and comprehensive lens for assessment, Arlington truly partners with our clients using a high-touch approach to support effective decision making, diversity of thought and good governance.


Arlington’s core strength lies in our ability as advisors to understand, synthesize a wide range of organizational, business and governance issues, build essential buy-in and consensus among key decision makers and stakeholders, while simultaneously executing outstanding Board and Senior Executive Search for our clients. We also believe in transparency in the marketplace and setting the stage for transformational change from the outset. A core part of Arlington’s approach and process is the compelling telling of our clients’ stories to candidates and the broader market.

Our strength is in our people. We are talented professionals that have come together in a uniquely collaborative culture for the sole purpose of delivering the highest standard of quality and professional service to our clients and candidates alike. In the true spirit of partnership, Arlington is an extension of our clients and each of our candidates. We are entrusted as your ambassadors in the marketplace. We understand how equally important this particular and transformational time is for each of you. We treat every interaction with professionalism, warmth and grace. That we are known for this level of delivery and service is demonstrated by the fact that 100 percent of our business comes through warm referrals and repeat satisfied customers and candidates.



At the heart of every Arlington Partners engagement is a collaborative, engaging, transparent and seamless professional process that creates alignment with our clients’ needs. Working diligently and investing to get it right from the start with our clients has been one of the keys to our success attracting exceptional board directors and executive leaders who can provide transformative business growth, governance and organizational effectiveness to our clients.

In addition to fresh research on every engagement, and an extensive corporate and board database, Arlington Partners also has a personal network of 25,000+ leaders, influencers, board directors and executive talent on both sides of the border within the private, public and non profit sectors. These include top diversity, board and senior executive leaders that are well equipped to excel and ensure our client’s organizational evolution.

Our management consulting approach and proprietary Arlington Partners Board Competency Matrix™ and Arlington Partners CEO and Senior Executive Competency Matrix™ are uniquely customizable by our clients and their Selection Committees, and include a combined total of 190 specifically developed Board, CEO and Senior Executive competencies. These tools are utilized at the front-end of Arlington’s search and assessment mandates, with both the Selection Committee and key stakeholders, to build important clarity, consensus and engagement with our clients, their executive teams and their key stakeholders. This facilitated and engaging process identifies clearly the key skill sets, characteristics, qualities and core competencies required to take their business to the next level and is invaluable in supporting the effective decision making of both the Selection Committee and the finalist candidate on their acceptance of the appointment.

For our Board and Executive Search clients and candidates, the team at Arlington Partners is well known for delivering a comprehensive, rigorous and strategic board and senior executive talent attraction and assessment process which supports effective decision-making, board and senior executive succession planning and good governance. It ensures effective on-boarding and the successful integration of incoming board of director and senior executive appointments by meaningfully setting them up for success and enabling them to hit the ground running from the moment they have been appointed as they know why they were chosen and how they can uniquely add value to the business and its transformational growth. Finally, Arlington attracts and engages board directors, CEOs and senior executive leaders in a way that ensures they begin their journey clear on what success looks like and are highly motivated and personally committed to making a significant difference to the continued success of our clients’ businesses for many years to come.

For our Talent Management and Board Advisory clients, we are dedicated to providing a new and inspiring destination to explore possibilities and potential for your next chapter in your board and senior executive career.

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While our work is international with a particular focus servicing North American clients and board and senior executive candidates, our new home is local. Stop by to visit us in our fully renovated ‘Back Bay’ brownstone located at Avenue Road and Pears, just one block north of Davenport.

It’s an inspiring place to work and to think about new possibilities for you and your business. We are happy to help you, your company or organization in any way we can.

Parking is conveniently located at several parking lots on Avenue Road, including at Hazelton Lanes as well as city parking on Davenport. Subways at Rosedale, Bay and St George are also nearby.

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